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Our World


FPC’s global mission outreach is focused in three major world areas: Africa, the “10/40 corridor” (an area between 10- and 40-degrees latitude from Africa to the Pacific Ocean, where only 2% of the population is Christian), and Central America and the Caribbean. 


FPC has supported seven home-grown missionaries (youth who grew up in Gainesville as members of FPC) who have worked for many years in these and other areas of the world. FPC also supports established world mission agencies, with many church members having participated in mission projects in all three of the above world focus areas.


January 26-28, 2024

Since 2000, FPC has conducted an annual World Mission Conference (WMC) which was created to put a greater focus on our responsibility to world missions. Our WMC has expanded in scope each year so that the conference is now an integral part of our mission focus.
Our WMC is held in person and virtually. Every year a new keynote speaker joins us during the weekend and leads our worship service on Sunday morning. And every year, our supported missionaries are present to share updates on their activities throughout the weekend. The missionaries give us insight to the wonderful work that God does all over the world. We, as a church, are blessed to share in that work through our WMC.


Please check our Facebook page for next year’s WMC dates, theme, and keynote speaker.

Focus Areas


Support in Central and East Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zambia, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe.  Activities include support for medical school students to work in rural areas of Congo, support for refugees in South Sudan, community development to improve the infrastructure of the region, including building churches and schools, installing water wells, providing medical care, seminary scholarships and, through JAARS, providing support to missionary teams who serve in the neediest places in the world.

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10-40 Corridor

10/40 Corridor – Frontier Fellowship, Forman Christian College, and others which cannot be named on the website for security reasons. Enabling University education for impoverished Christians through scholarships, particularly to women, providing theological training for pastors, medical relief for natural and medical disasters, and to share the Love of Jesus with those who do not know it.  

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Central America and the Carribean

Alliance for International Reforestation (A.I.R.) Guatemala, Haiti Education Foundation, Solid Rock International, Mission Enablers International, and Trinity Hope.  Activities include environmental educational programs and agroforestry methods including regenerative farming in Guatemala and Nicaragua to protect water sources, prevent mudslides, reduce erosion, and provide more nutritious crops;  free medical services in impoverished areas of the Dominican Republic; and educational and feeding services to children in the rural mountains of Southern Haiti through adoption of the St .Joseph of Arimathea School, with its attendant feeding program through Haiti Education Foundation and Trinity Hope.

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